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Swedish interpreterSwedish interpreters must pass a Swedish oral examination as part of the process for becoming a Swedish interpreter associated with Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. A successful completion of the Swedish interpretation test signifies interpreter is minimally competent to interpret from Swedish to English or from English to Swedish. Exam also guarantees Swedish interpreter's fluency in both Swedish and English. Bilingual professionals aspiring to become Swedish interpreters with legal expertise must possess a strong understanding of court procedures. It is also imperative that they be familiar with basic justice system concepts and legal terminology.

Swedish Proficiency

The exam administered to Swedish interpreters focuses on the bilingual professional ability to speak Swedish and English fluently and forcefully. It also addresses Swedish interpreter's competence as far as accuracy in both languages is concerned. Such ability must be demonstrated in both Swedish simultaneous interpretation and Swedish consecutive interpretation. Furthermore, the exam addresses English and Swedish phonetics; the goal is to make sure that Swedish interpreter has ability to pronounce correctly. Foreign accent in either language does not pose a problem as long as pronunciation does not affect meaning. Occasionally, Swedish interpreter might have to do a sight translation of a document written in English. Under these circumstances, sight translation will consist in interpreting the Swedish translation orally.

Swedish Consecutive Interpretation

 For clarification purposes, it must be pointed that Swedish consecutive interpretation is a mode of interpreting. Categorizing a Swedish interpreter as Swedish simultaneous interpreter or consecutive is more a mode than a profession. As a mode, Swedish consecutive interpreter waits after each segment from speaker to render its content into English language; therefore, Swedish consecutive interpretation requires pauses. Swedish interpreter first listens to a complete segment of speech, for example in Swedish and renders this segment into English. To illustrate what Swedish consecutive interpretation entails in a courtroom, Swedish interpreter memorizes English language questions and interprets them into for example Swedish. Because of the constant pauses, consecutive interpretation lasts longer than simultaneous.

Long and Short Swedish Consecutive Interpreters

 Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. partners with a team of Swedish consecutive interpreters with expertise in legal, medical Swedish interpretation. Our Swedish interpreters abide by all interpretation ethics including the Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters in the Judiciary. Our Swedish interpreting service includes short consecutive interpretation in which the interpreter's memory must be impeccable, and each interpreting segment should not exceed a sentence or two. In addition to short Swedish consecutive interpretations, our Swedish interpreting team provides long consecutive interpretation where each segment of the message lasts longer.

Swedish Liaison interpreter

Swedish Liaison interpretation occurs when the interpreter acts as a cultural, language intermediary between two individuals, or small groups. Swedish liaison interpreting is normally a face-to-face encounter for a particular purpose at a state or federal agency. Business meeting, teleinterpreting, diplomatic meeting can fall within this type. Swedish liaison interpreter is expected to be a Swedish native speaker fully proficient in both Swedish and English. Many consider Swedish liaison interpretation as a sub-type of consecutive interpretation. As part of the interpreting practice, Swedish interpreters need to develop their personal bilingual glossaries, with a list of terminology in both English and Swedish.

Swedish Simultaneous Interpreter

When a multilingual audience participates in a conference, seminar, meeting... where speakers perform in several languages which include Swedish, a Swedish simultaneous interpreter is needed. Depending on the length of the interpretation, two simultaneous interpreters will work together in interval of 30 minutes to 1 hour to interpret the speaker's speech in total fluency and rapidity. As opposed to Swedish consecutive interpretation where one interpreter has to pause, Swedish simultaneous interpretation does not pause. Swedish simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment such as booths, headsets, microphones, transmitters and receivers. Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. has a pool of professional Swedish interpreters who can provide Swedish simultaneous interpretations not only anywhere in Florida but nationwide and even internationally. We can also assist with equipment rental with a sound engineer who will be present from the beginning of the project to the end.

Swedish Interpreting Language Combination

For translation and even interpretation purposes, Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. offers a variety of Swedish interpretations where interpreters can handle several language combinations which include but not limited to:

  1. Swedish to English interpretation
  2. Swedish to French interpretation
  3. Swedish to Italian interpretation
  4. Swedish to Arabic interpretation
  5. Swedish to German interpretation
  6. Swedish to Spanish interpretation
  7. Swedish to Chinese interpretation, and many more

Please feel free to contact Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. to schedule professional Swedish interpreters who can deliver Swedish consecutive interpretation, Swedish simultaneous interpretation and Swedish liaison interpretations.