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Translation Services

Based in Melbourne, Florida, Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. consists of multilingual translators and interpreters who are native speakers and thoroughly committed to excellence. Our team also consists of language consultants, linguists, project managers, designers and web developers who are ready to serve you.!

Our translations are clear in meaning, correct in idiom, and appropriate for the respective professional context and culture. Whether your documents need Spanish translation to English, Arabic translation to Chinese, Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. is your language solution. From an extensive list of more than 150 languages, we translate from any source language to any target language. Whether you require a professional interpreter anywhere in the United States or anywhere in the world, you can count on us.


Client contacts us and requests a quote. Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. sends quote to client within two hours, depending on project's complexity. If approved, we confirm client's specific requirements. For a document translation, typical requirements are: target language, target audience, deadline, and formatting/layout. The translation is completed either in-house or by one of our national/international language partners.

All translations are completed by translators whose native language is the target language, are proficient in the source language, and have professional experience in the field required by the client. Once completed, both documents are reviewed by an independent professional linguist, whose native language is the target language, is fluent in the source language, and has expertise in the required field. The document is proofread and edited.

When needed, a professional desktop publisher reproduces the document original format in the target language. The document is reviewed again. If there are errors, they are corrected. If error-free, the new document is given to the client in the form requested.

Documents that Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. translates include, but are not limited to:

- Aerospace
- Biomedical
- Brochures
- Business Services
- Catalogs
- Employee Handbooks
- Healthcare

- Information Technology
- Legal and Financial
- Legal Contracts
- Letters
- Manufacturing
- Marketing Collateral
- Medical Documents

- Medical Equipment
- Pharmaceuticals
- Software Content
- Technical Manuals
- Telecommunication
- Transportation
- Website Content

Machine Translation

A surprising number of people, unfamiliar with translations, wonder why to pay for professional translation service when you can get it by simply downloading translation software. The widespread popularity of internet translation tool, namely machine translation, has become the miraculous answer to individuals chatting online with users speaking a language different from theirs. Moreover, a few businesses, at their own risk, even use machine translation for urgent email correspondence in foreign language and a variety of multilingual company activities.

Human Translation

While machine translation may help bridge language barrier to a certain extent, translations done by humans or professional translators are more accurate. Machine translations have a fair amount of success in a few instances. For example, sentences that lack complexity and include polysemantic words may not be converted accurately by translation program. If, however, the source language contains a sentence with two or three grammatical structures, the translation generated by the software, at times, may look ludicrous and be very inaccurate. Professional translators can easily determine which word a pronoun is referring to. When a machine translation converts text, unusual syntactic component in the source language tends to blur the translation.

Professional Translator

Professional translators understand that translation is not a linguistic operation; instead of converting words, linguists take into account cultural sensitivity, context, among other things. It is true that human translators must understand lexical, semantic, phonological rules that govern source and target languages, Machine translations can have sophisticated coding to abide by the target language rules. Despite the ability of machine translation to convert words, important business documents require human translators to ensure accuracy, consistency within document and, more importantly, reduce liabilities. Translation software price can look very attractive as opposed to paying a translation company to return an accurate and error-free translation of a given document. Human translators will remain for now, the most reliable source of translation service.

Translation Memory

Completing a translation from scratch is a time consuming process which entails corrections, revisions, and even research on technical terminology. The use of translation memory from one language to another can save tremendous amount of time if the original text has several repetitive segments. Translation memory does not equate to machine translation. What the memory does is to translate the same text the same way the next time it appears within the document. There are a couple of companies that specialize in creating translation memory software:
  • Trados, offers language solution that reduces translation time when dealing with repetition. Fully repetitive text is done automatically. The negative factor about SDL Trados, is the growing resentment from translation companies and professional translators for unfair competition. SDL sells translation memory software and offers translation services as well.
  • Across System focuses exclusively on developing translation technology. Freelancers receive a free version of the software comparing to Trados that costs a few hundred dollars. Across does not compete against translation companies or freelancers.
  • Dejà Vu is a another Computer Aided Translation system that shares similarities with Across System. The difference is that the software is not free for professional translators. Atril does not compete either with translation companies and freelancers. Atril is the memory translation software manufacturer.