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Language Services

Professional translation is our passion. Our team of native-born speakers works diligently to ensure that our translations are clear, idiomatically correct, and appropriate for the respective professional context and culture.

With a dedicated team of over 5,000 certified translators worldwide, each of our team members has an impressive professional background in language translation and interpreting. All of our team members hold university degrees or equivalent qualifications in translation and interpretation.

We have translated for a wide gamut of professional entities, including the aerospace, biomedical, general healthcare, information technology, business, telecommunications, manufacturing, legal, and transportation fields. For businesses and individuals, we specialize in, but are not limited to, translation of brochures, business memoranda, catalogs, employee handbooks, general letters (professional and personal), medical documentation, software content, and website content. Visit our website to learn about the advantages of human translation over machine-generated translation, as well as translation memory software that can help facilitate the translation process.

Language Company

We have over a decade of experience. We are a global full-service language provider. Our professional team includes linguists, translators, interpreters, project managers, video editors, talents, and graphic designers.

Since people think and communicate better in their native language, we always select linguists whose native language, dialect, and area of expertise directly correspond to each client's project. Our linguists have: At least a bachelor's degree and/or a language translation/interpretation certificate from an accredited college or university; A minimum of two years professional translation and/or interpretation experience (with three professional references); Successfully completed our comprehensive exam which tests language proficiency, vocabulary, syntactic construction and subject matter pertinent to each field.

Language Services

Our clients receive:

  • A free no-obligation translation quote.
  • A customized service for each client.
  • Translations that are completed by a translator, whose native language is the target language. Linguist is proficient in the source language and has expertise in the field required by the client.
  • All documents are proofread and edited twice to guarantee accuracy.
  • A certified and notarized certificate of accuracy, upon request.
  • Client's confidentiality.
  • Deadlines are met.

We know our clients appreciate the accurate and quality services that we provide, because our repeat business totaled more than 70 percent of our revenue over the past four years.


Our clients' privacy is very important to us. All correspondence and materials we receive from clients (e.g., documents, audio, design files, etc.) are handled with confidentiality. Furthermore, all our translators and interpreters, plus any other staff members who may be privy to a client's project, sign confidentiality agreements. We are HIPPA- and FERPA- compliant and Data Integrity certified.

Our Mission:

To Be a Language Industry Leader by Consistently Providing Quality Services, Exceeding Our Clients' Expectations.