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Arabic translationIn the global economy today, language transcription has become an important instrument in ensuring successful and effective communication among different parts of the globe. We provide all types of Arabic language services: Arabic to English translation and even Arabic to Creole translation. Arabic transcription in recent years has become one of the most sought after services because: Arabic is among the most spoken languages in the universe with close to 240 million people speaking it as their native language; 26 Arab countries speak Arabic as their national and official language; The Quran is written in Arabic, and the language is used widely in Muslim countries.

History of Arabic Language

The rise of the Arabic language to the position of one of the major languages that is used globally today is intertwined with the rapid rise in popularity of the Islam religion. Arabic is a member of the Semitic language family. The Semitic languages took root in the Mediterranean Basin. However, scholars today claim that the language originated from East Africa. There are a few kinds of Arabic. This means that whoever dreams of learning it, should be well informed in order to ensure that they choose the best for the purpose they are learning it for. People learn the language for a number of reasons, some of which include religious purposes, marriage, travel, work or simply as a hobby.

Standard Arabic

The formal version of this language can be learned in school. The formal type also varies from the Modern Standard Arabic and Classic Arabic versions of the language. The latter is what inspires the Modern Standard Arabic although a good number of Arabic speakers never make this distinction. It is usually used in writing, and anyone who dreams of reading Arabic material such as newspapers should learn it. Formal Arabic carries a significant amount of prestige among Arabic-speaking communities.

Colloquial Arabic

This is what is used each day for the purposes of speaking. Different regions speak a different type of Arabic. Although a good number of these people understand each other, there are some cases where one group of people might not understand another at all. Some examples are the Arab speaking communities of North Africa and the Gulf Region. Arabic transcription should be done by professional Arabic linguists, in order to guarantee accuracy. There are different sectors in regard to this, and whoever transcribes should be well exposed in the field. For instance;

Arabic Legal Transcription

This involves legal materials. Experts in the field should be knowledgeable on the terminologies used in this field. Each bit of information in documents like contracts, copyrights, trademarks among others should be captured appropriately.

Arabic Scientific/Medical Transcription

This involves giving transcription services to industries like biotechnology, healthcare marketers, medical devices companies, pharmaceutical industries among others.

Arabic Financial Transcription

Experts in this field need to have professional training and experience in the Arabic financial market. Additionally, they need to have an eye for detail. There are many other fields calling for expertise as far as transcription is concerned. There are sensitive fields that cannot allow for the making of mistakes, like the Financial, Scientific, Legal fields among others. All experts in the transcription industry must observe and maintain high levels of accuracy. Please contact us to request a translation quote from all your language services needs