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Some of our Spanish Clients Include:

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Spanish translationColombian Spanish is characterized by a variety of dialects that are predominant in specific regions of Colombia. Dialects such as Paisa, Valluno, Opita, and Santanderean are different from the educated and notorious Spanish spoken in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Colombian Spanish translation does not refer to any common dialect spoken either in the Caribbean or in the highlands but to the standard Spanish used in Bogotá. We deliver Colombian Spanish translation of a range of documents for consumer correspondence, press release from international companies operating in Colombia, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations.

Colombian Spanish Dialect

The translations into standard Colombian Spanish that we produce are clear in meaning and usually written at the level of a 5th grade reading level. The linguist who is responsible for any Colombian Spanish translation project is also accountable for daily oversight, all aspects of delivery schedules and deliverables. S/he is responsible for every single aspect of compliance specified by clients. In addition to translation, we also transcreate in standard Colombian Spanish. We will summarize English documents received from client and render their content accurately and without errors.

Colombian Spanish Interpreters

Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. has a network of qualified Colombian Spanish translators to service accurate Spanish language services. As a reputable provider of Spanish translation to companies located primarily in Colombia and in the United States, we also schedule Colombian Spanish interpretations.

Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. partners with a team of Colombian Spanish consecutive interpreters with expertise in legal, medical fields who adhere to interpretation ethics including the Code of Professional Responsibility for Interpreters in the Judiciary.