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French transcription of audio and video files can be briefly described as a general term to refer primarily to a variety of media such as French conference recordings, digital audio transcription from French, interviews and meetings among other things. Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. has the technical capability and human resources to cover the full range media that include audio transcription.

French transcription Quote

If you have an audio or French video transcription, Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. offers transcription services from French to English to clients from across the United States and worldwide. Since 2001, we have developed the expertise which enables us to understand our clients' requirements and to deliver professional French transcription and translation from any language to English. Additionally, our services include transcribing services from French to any other language besides English. We are capable of converting French audio to its native language or to English text. Last but not least, we can convert French voice to text.

The first step consists in receiving the French audio sound files and video formats in mp3, mpg, dss, wav, wma, as CD or DVD sent by mail and/or through FTP, emails. We prepare a French transcription/translation quote. Clients can also get their French transcriptions from regular audio tapes, mini tapes and micro cassettes.

Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. has a dedicated team of professional French transcribers and translators working tirelessly to deliver accurate transcriptions and translations. Our goal is to provide multimedia companies top-level accurate transcripts and translations of French movies, videos or audio recordings. When dealing with French one-on-one interviews, we can render either a clean verbatim transcription or translation meaning that the interviewee's responses are verbatim and that all double words, non-verbal utterances (uh, hum, stutters) are left out.

French Transcription Quote

We can also provide a true verbatim transcription and French translation which will include all non-verbal utterances of the interviewee. If court testimony is needed, Alpha Translation Svcs, Inc. will arrange a court certified French interpreter. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your French transcription needs and to request a transcription quote estimate.

French Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription relates to legal materials in the French language. Experts in the field should be knowledgeable on the terminologies used in this field. Each bit of information in documents like contracts, copyrights, trademarks among others should be captured appropriately.

French Scientific Transcription

This involves giving French transcription services to industries like biotechnology, healthcare marketers, medical devices companies, pharmaceutical industries among others. Experts in this field need to have professional training and experience in the scientific domain. Additionally, they need to have an eye for detail. There are many other fields calling for expertise as far as transcription is concerned.