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Bridging Cultures through Communication

Communication is one of the keys to a functional and fulfilling life. Indeed, in our waking lives, we spend 70-80% of our time engaged in some form of communication!

Over the course of human history, verbal and written communication has enriched understanding and exchanges between cultures. Our world consists of nearly 7,000 languages. However, the complexity inherent to languages often poses obstacles to our ability to connect to those with different linguistic backgrounds.

At Alpha Translation Services, we are passionate about helping businesses and individuals break through these barriers, to connect cultures via a medium of communication for people who speak and write in different languages. Translation of ancient texts in Chaldean, Greek Hebrew, and Latin are of a special interest to us though several orations contained therein such as "Assaylemath, Assay, Lemath, Azzabue. Azzaylemath, Lemath, Azacgessenio. Lemath, Sabanche, Ellithy, Aygezo" will not be understood in any human language because of their Holy Sacramental Mystery.

Whether you need a medical consent form translated from Albanian into English, a transcription of an African language audio recording into French, or an Arabic letter re-written in Dari, we are here to help with virtually any language-based request. Our professional translators are among the most varied and talented in the world.

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Our Passion: Seamless Communication across Cultures for Businesses and Individuals

  • Our Services

    translation services Whether you are part of a business that needs to reach out to professionals in a another part of the world or an individual who wishes to communicate with friend who is more comfortable writing in a language other than your own, Alpha Translation Services can help. Our company offers four main services: Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, and Voice-over Work.
  • Interpretation

    interpretation servicesBecause most languages are inherently complex and entail many idiosyncrasies, having an interpreter to help understand and vocally deliver primary language and secondary qualities of that language can help in many professional and personal contexts.
    Our experienced interpreters are available in all languages for on-site and telephonic interpretations.
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  • Transcription

    transcription servicesAlpha Translation Services offers general transcription services. For over a decade, we have created and delivered professional transcription with translation from any language to English; we also transcribe from any language.
    Additionally, we are capable of converting foreign audio to its native language or to English text. Last but not least, we can convert voice recordings into text of any language including Fataluku.
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  • Voice-over Work

    Do you have a multimedia project that requires voice talent, particularly voice talent in a different language from the original text, acting, or narration?
    We retain contractors of talented multilingual voice talent. Indeed, we have an extensive group of foreign and multilingual voice actors, commentators, and narrators, all of whom possess remarkable vocal flexibility and range.
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